Art Residency

Basuo Jo Babagi (visiting then sharing)

In this work, Kifu shares series of images containing instructional text into a group conversation on social media. The instructions asked the group members to visit him through private chat, and share photos of things “close” to them, for “silahturahmi”. Further instructions, ask them to keep doing it until they get used to it. 

Representations of these objects are then collected and restated in an incomplete manner. Read more about the presentation here

Collaborator (group conversation participants): Dika Adrian Veronica P. Kirana Adi Holil Ashabul Yamin M. Riski Zekalver Muharam M. Biahlil Badri Ogy Wisnu Suhandha Volta A. Jonneva M. Panji NugrahaLeni Marlina Biki Wabihamdika Septian Fernandus S Ade M.s Alif Ilham Fajriadi

instructional text

Curatorial Text

“In the Minangkabau tradition, various special treatments are applied in celebrating friendship. We know special names for this activity, such as manjalang mintuo (visiting in-laws), manjalang induak bako (visiting father’s family), returning basamo (going home), and others. Everything is styled as a language for tradition to show its dignity. Starting from the determination of special days, food symbols, clothing, and so on. A simple simulation of the “Basuo jo Babagi” gathering space, invites us to look back and experience briefly, speculate about how the traditional practice emerged, adapt to the situation of the era and the consciousness of the perpetrators. Regarding “things” that become sacred with special treatment against them, “

Albert Rahman Putra. (curator)

Collected (close/personal) images from group conversation participants

Final Presentation: (5 of 21 total images)

Read more about the presentation here