Bagus Sih, Tapi… (It is Good, But…)

Drawing Exhibition – Milisifilem Collective –December 22, 2018, until January 30, 2019at Forum Lenteng – Tanjung Barat, South Jakarta

The sentence “It’s good, but …” is often said when there are work assignments in class. The expression is revealing a certain kind of doubt from participants when they are expected to comment on the works being presented by one of their fellow participants. “It’s good …”– with a doubtful tone –emerges after a slight look at the other participants’ works presented. The word “but …” follows later as a result of continued thought after the participant observes the works profoundly. The “but…” insinuates the presence of questions such as “Is it actually good, huh?“, “It seems bad…“, or other similar questions in the mind of the commentator. There is a reluctance to express their true opinions, for possible reasons: fear of offending the creator or they themselves do not know how to compose their words. Not only found in Milisifilem Collective participants, but this kind of awkwardness is also common for us to find in public, especially when faced with artwork. This emphasizes the existence of a distance between the public and artwork–a distance that impedes the fulfilment of the needs of criticism in art. Art becomes difficult to be criticized the public, vice versa.

Exhibition “Bagus sih, tapi…” is held, one of which, to respond to those situations. It provides a space that openly draws questions that might be ‘taboo’ for one to state when they feel distant from artwork because of their limited knowledge as if only certain people are “allowed” to argue. Together, we are invited to further unveil the exhibited works, from the process to the final work. Ten participants are involved: Ahmad Humaidi, Alifah Melisa, Erviana Madalina, I Gede Mika, Maria Deandra, Niskala H. Utami, Pychita Julinanda, Syahrullah, Taufiqurrahman, and Theo Nugraha. They draw horizontal, vertical, and diagonal straight lines; shading rhythms, using one and two perspectives, creating geometric and biomorphic shapes, then making works that combine everything into a composition. Overall, 58 works were curated, they’re using pencil and collage as their medium on 297 mm x 420 mm paper. This exhibition is open to the public and is free.

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